340B: Caring for patients in need.

What Is 340B?

For 30 years, the federal 340B drug pricing program has supported health care providers who serve a substantial percentage of people living with low incomes, specific patient populations such as children and cancer patients, and those living in rural communities. 340B allows eligible public and private nonprofit hospitals, community health centers, and public health clinics to purchase outpatient pharmaceuticals at a discount and invest those savings into programs and services that increase patient access to needed care. This enables participating providers to offer more comprehensive services for communities and reach more patients in need.

Drug company discounts – not American taxpayers – cover the cost of this care.

340B Ensures Access to Essential Care

340B savings equip providers to offer health care services and support to patients in need that they otherwise could not provide. These services are tailored to the specific needs of the patients and communities they serve, including services such as behavioral and mental health care, HIV/AIDS care, and programs that support access to free and discounted drugs.1 Providers also use savings to fill the gaps created when public and private health plans do not cover the full cost of care, leaving hospitals to make up the difference.2

340B Keeps Communities Healthy

Research demonstrates that communities are healthier because of 340B.3 The benefits that 340B provides to patients comes through increased access to health care programs and services that improve health outcomes. Success stories from 340B-supported programs include:

  • Prescription drug assistance programs for patients with low incomes have decreased unnecessary hospital visits.
  • Diabetes treatment programs have resulted in improved patient hemoglobin A1C levels.
  • Medication therapy management programs have boosted rates of patient adherence to drug regimens and led to more efficient uses of therapies.
  • Cancer screening and patient navigator initiatives have resulted in a marked increase in the rate of early-stage cancer detection.
  • Anti‐coagulation clinics have lowered the risks of dangerous blood clots for patients.

340B Cares for Patients in Need
340B gives providers the resources they need to deliver more essential care to patients and promote the health of the communities they serve.

Support Care for Patients in Need. Support 340B.

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